Together, we can help end discrimination and ensure more people get the care they need.

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Have you been denied coverage for a mental health or addiction service? If so, we want to know!

Together, we can help end discrimination and ensure more people not only get the care they need, but receive the benefits they paid for. We need your help to understand the current trends and circumstances surrounding mental health and addiction claim denials.

Please fill out this survey if you, a family member, or your patient has experienced a denied claim for mental health and/or addiction services. The information you provide will help us to shape public policy and influence legislation in order to move us towards full parity implementation and mental health equity.

Complaint Registry Details:

*If you are a family member or clinician answering for the patient, please respond from the perspective of the patient.

**By using this Complaint Registry, you are confirming you are above the age of 13 or are a parent of a child submitting information on their behalf.

***At this time, we cannot accept information provided by an individual under 13 years of age. This does not apply to parents submitting information on behalf of their child who is under 13 years of age.